Active and Healthy

Active and Healthy, affectionately branded as AH was founded in 2021. AH owner, Alesha Harris believes that health is the key to an enriched life.

This belief is reinforced by her own personal health journey battling Ulcerative Colitis for many years.  When a difficult bout with the illness in 2017 spurred an overhaul of her diet and lifestyle, Alesha began to realize how much better she felt physically and mentally. Becoming immersed in her journey toward a healthier existence, she found the gym to be a motivational, daily part of her routine. Thus spawned the idea of activewear for the everyday woman who has tasks to handle, but is making a cognizant decision to make her health a priority, all while looking fabulous.  Active and Healthy’s top priority is to provide our customers with activewear that is comfortable, manufactured with high-quality materials, stylish and easily incorporated with the wearer’s wardrobe!

"I guarantee excellent customer service, prompt shipping and apparel that will encourage confidence and style in your excursion to a healthier you."
 -Alesha Harris, Owner